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Frequently asked questions

Do you rent out video equipment?

No, I’m sorry, we do not.  However, we can refer you a local company that does.

Do you repair cameras?

No, I’m sorry, we do not.

Do you clean digital cameras?

No, I’m sorry, we do not.

What are your turnaround times?

Most orders take 2-3 business days depending on work flow in place.  Occasionally we run a bit longer, especially during the holidays.

Do you develop film?

Yes, we process 35mm, APS, 110 & 120mm in-house.  Color and Black and White.

What happens if my film is blank?

We will charge you for processing your roll.

Do I get negatives back?

Yes, always.

What kind of paper do you print on?

Fuji Crystal Archive for prints up to 10”x15” in size.  Larger prints are on Premium Epson papers.  It is available in Glossy or Matte/Luster surface. We also have metallic, art paper and canvas available.

Can you make prints from slides or negatives?

Yes, you can get prints or scans from negatives or slides.

Do you take passport or visa photos?

Yes, you can get passport and ID photos in minutes.  No appointment necessary.  Besides United States passport photos we can also do Canadian, United Kingdom and all other countries.

Can I get my passport photo digitally?


What is the turnaround time for video tapes to DVD?

2-3 days depending on the Technician’s work flow.

Can you improve the quality of my video tapes?

The quality of your transfer cannot be made better than the original submitted.

Are my video tapes returned?

Yes, your tapes will be returned with your order.

Can you put my video tapes onto a USB/Thumb drive instead of a DVD?

Yes, we can put multiple tapes on an USB Drive depending on size.

Can you print my photos off my phone?

Absolutely.  We have kiosks setup for that purpose.

Do you transfer records, cassettes or reel to reel audio onto CDs?

Yes, we can.  It takes a couple of days.

Can you duplicate CDs or DVDs?

Yes, and while you wait, too.

Do you make slideshows?

Yes, for any occasion.

Do you make photo books?

Yes, we do and we have a very nice selection of covers.

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